PSU Bike Challenge


Through a series of special events, prizes, and an encouraging team of cheerleaders, PSU bicyclists are rewarded for riding their bike during the month of May. The PSU Bike Challenge invites both experienced and inexperienced bike commuters to come together to be a part of something big– they’re joining a revolution.



The ultimate goal was to inspire more PSU community members to commute by bike more often. By making biking seem safe and convenient, people would be more inclined to ride as an alternative to driving. Commuting by bike is a normal activity that anyone can do– you don’t need a closet full of lycra. 


Our aim was to recruit new bike commuters and to increase the frequency of the sometimes riders without alienating the frequent commuter. 


The PSU Bike Challenge provides training wheels as students become cyclists and shifts their gears into seeing the bicycle as a normal mode of transportation.

Creative Work

The Team

Account Management
Angela Stanton
Lizz Morton

Account Planning
Jessica Sadie Burchett

Alex Moshofsky
Stuart Tierney
Kat Paetzhold
Koira Ramirez-Sierra

Art Direction
Mariah Archer
Lindsey Hoeft