Ms. Steaks

What is Ms. Steaks? In the abstract, it’s about vulnerability. Imperfection. Accepting defeat. And forgiving myself.  I’d suggest that many of us like to end our days reflecting on our successes, how much we were able to check off our ever-growing to do lists, or what we were able accomplished. It seems as though we’re obsessed with perfection. But what about our failures, our mistakes? Admittedly, I’m not often forthcoming with my imperfections, preferring to remain as guarded as possible. But what if instead of trying to hide what I’ve done wrong, I celebrated my mistakes?

Simply put, this is a visual record of my mistakes over the course of several weeks and illustrated in cut paper. It is a platform for cathartic reflection on my failures followed by an opportunity for self-acceptance and forgiveness. The cut paper allowed for the mistake to be acknowledged and  momentarily documented but then thrown away in an expression of liberation from perfection.